About the Artist:

Cei Lambert was born in Denver, Colorado before moving to Surrey, UK where he spent his very early years. After returning to Colorado, Cei developed an abiding passion for the outdoors and ecology, which led him to pursue education in environmental science and wildlife biology. Over time Cei funneled his love of nature into art and illustration, and he turned his professional focus to the arts even as he continued to study biology as an undergraduate. Cei recieved his MFA from Colorado State University where he focused on textile arts, illustration, and textile design. His work is home to a rich ecosystem that reflects his careful observation of the natural world as well as his passion for imagining other worlds than ours.

Cei Lambert has been at Berklee College of Music since February 2018. Previously, he was the transgender health program patient advocate at Fenway Health, where he helped double the number of gender diverse patients accessing the program and assisted in revising and implementing policies for their care. He has also worked in strategic planning for Colorado State University, with a focus on LGBTQ+ inclusion and inclusion for students with disabilities, and assisted the NCAA and International Olympic Committee in prioritizing gender diversity in the context of athletics. 

In his current role, Cei helps guide Berklee and other organizations in creating programming, policy, strategic goals, and analytics for students, faculty, and staff with diverse backgrounds. His work focuses on a bedrock philosophy of belonging that applies to everyone and allows community members to work and learn as their authentic selves.

He enjoys cycling, swimming, running, practicing martial arts, birding, camping, making visual art, and listening to audiobooks. He lives in Cambridge with his wife, Jordan, and their greyhound, Scotty.